Baby James Quilt One

IMG_0950A quilter from an online quilt forum I visit often lost her grandson three days after he was born due to a birth defect. Her son and DIL are expecting another baby later this year, and grandma wants to donate a quilt in baby James’s memory to all the babies in the nursery when the new baby is born. I am honored to make a few quilts for her. Here is my first one.

I used the same technique as my Bisection quilt but cut this up differently. I started with four fat quarters – two grey prints and two bright red prints. I stacked and aligned them as much as possible (no trimming yet) and cut into 10 sections of varying sizes. I mixed them up and laid out till I was happy with the balance of colors.IMG_0646


I sewed them into 4 blocks and used the 4 long strips – two on each side to offset the blocks. No matching seams anywhere!

IMG_0650I wanted to quilt a large spiral – used a dinner plate to draw a large circle and echoed around the circles to make a spiral. There are a number of tutorials online but this is the first time I’m quilting this. The guide bar on my walking foot didn’t work very well for me. I ended up eyeballing the distance from the previous line. It’s not perfect but I love the texture.


I didn’t want a very tight spiral since this is a baby quilt and I wanted to keep it soft and fluffy. I just quilted some crisscross lines inside the circle.

This is my first finish for the baby James quilt project. I have two more coming later this week.


Needle and Thread Thursday

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

7 thoughts on “Baby James Quilt One

  1. Hi Vasudha! What a wonderful way to turn a sad event into such a special tribute. My heart hurts for that family. This quilt turned out so well, and way to make it easy on yourself with no seams to match up! I have quilted two spiral quilts so far with a small center circle, and once you get out a few rows it is kind of easy and fun. I can’t wait to see your next quilts! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. What an adorable little quilt. I do like the balance of red and white with grey. It will be perfect for a boy or a girl. The quilting adds a special touch. What is the size of the finished quilt?


  3. What a wonderful project. I really like the mix of prints you used (and how there were no seams to match). Your spiral looks great too, I have only done a couple of those and they seem to take a really long time.


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