Spiraling Lone star


Many years ago I made this spiraling lone-star quilt. It hung over our kitchen table for a couple of years and I never took a single picture of it. Then a couple of years ago, I got to meet my college friend Poonam in New York City. Poonam had gone though some difficult times and I wanted to give her a quilt. I didn’t have time to make one for her at that time, so I decided to give her this bright quilt to cheer her up. My friend Indu took this picture in a hotel room in NYC with no natural light. It looks a lot better in person.

Digging through my old pictures from 2013, I found a few pictures I took when I was making the quilt (and not a single one after it was complete)! I’m still looking for that piece of paper in the first picture with calculations using the Pythagoras theorem. Then again, wouldn’t this be a good math assignment for my 8th grader?image (6)

All fabric from my stash – mostly batik, except the red and the fuchsia. The background is also a lovely batik with cream, tan and a bit of grey. Very simple quilting with a walking foot – this is from my pre-free motion days. I can’t even remember what I used for the backing.

image (7)

This is my Throwback Thursday blog entry. Thank you Sandra , for the encouragement. I’m officially bitten by the spiral lone-star bug and I feel an inexplicable urge to make one using a Kona cotton jelly roll I got recently. This is therefore also my One monthly goal for May – to recreate the spiral lone star.

One Monthly Goal


21 thoughts on “Spiraling Lone star

  1. Thank you for linking this up!! It is a beauty, and you need to write to Poonam and get her to photograph it outside…hmm, in Central Park I’m thinking?! Or by the waterfront of one of the rivers… I have never seen or heard of a spiralling Lone Star and I just LOVE it! I do hope you may write a tutorial or a pattern because I won a gift certificate many years ago for entering into a quilt show, bought all the fabric to make a lone star with the gc (and spent a tad more than the gc of course…), and … ya…it’s a UFO. Not even cut into, so I could totally make it this way! Love the story, so generous of you, don’t think I could’ve done that!


    • Thank you for your comment, Sandra. Yes, I should ask Poonam for a picture!I hope to make one again and document the process and use the pictures to write a tutorial. Lone-star is such a versatile pattern.


  2. Hi. I love your lone star quilt. It’s one of my favourite quilt design. I made one as one of my first quilts – before I knew how complex they are – oh to be so innocent again 🙂


    • Andree, Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the comment. I’ve made a few lonestar quilts and I always had to tug and pin and fudge to make the points match. I jumped into quilting after seeing a very complicated double wedding ring quilt. I’m glad I didn’t start that one as a beginner :-)Vasudha


  3. Wow, this is gorgeous. Even though you don’t have your own picture of the finish, your in-progress pictures show the vibrant colors well. I’m glad you still have them. And the photo in the hotel room makes for a sweet memory. A Kona version will be super, too!


  4. This took my breath away. Love love love the way you combined the bright colors of a Kanjeevaram saree into the lone star quilt pattern. That is why I love fusion!!! And I love Sandra – she is one of the best!!!


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