I can’t believe I completed this quilt top in the month of March, with hours to spare! My One monthly goal for March was to complete a quilt top using a FQ bundle of Robert Kaufmann Blueberry Park collection by Karen Lewis. I wanted that perfect design for this fabric and I could not make up my mind till the middle of the month.


IMG_0266I decided to just cut them up into equilateral triangles (my current favorite shape 🙂

I tried different layouts from totally random to regular and symmetric. I finally settled somewhere in the middle.

I wanted to keep the gradation in the hue and value, going from dark on top to light at the bottom and going from pink on one end to yellow at the other end.

It’s a lovely day with bright sunshine and blue sky but the breeze makes it so hard to get a nice picture.


One Monthly Goal

Sew Fresh Quilts

7 thoughts on “Stalactites!

  1. The pattern really shows off those fabrics beautifully. Lots of room for some beautiful quilting to enhance it, too.
    Reminds me of a beaded curtain in a doorway, from back in the hippie days.


  2. Vasudha, this is so pretty and so fresh. Not just because the colors are spring-like but the pattern is just so new and chic. It is kinda like “melting popsicles” – Mari is spot on!!!


  3. Beautiful fabrics and creativity to show off the fabrics. What you did is perfect for them. Congrats on your finish, even with a few hours to spare (you are not the only one!)


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