Match the Following


Do you remember the match the following quizzes we did at school? Believe it or not, I loved them. I came across one again in a training I was doing for work this week. This quilt was inspired by the match the following quiz, only more colorful.

I started with a fat quarter of background fabric and some colorful 1″ wide scraps. I cut the background into three columns – the questions, the answers and the match lines. See my diagram. I cut along the lines one by one and sewed them back with the 1″ sashing. I marked my diagram on the wrong side of the fabric – so the quilt was a mirror image of what I wanted.


I used a really cool chemical compound fabric for the backing. When I saw it first I thought they were caffeine molecules but on further research, they appear to be the four nucleotides that make up the DNA – Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine. That’s so cool!  I’m not sure which way I’m going to hang this quilt, so I made sleeves for all 4 corners. I used two layers of Warm & Natural cotton batting and quilted straight lines about 1″ apart.

This was a small, fast and original project I loved making. I’m planning on doing one more – this time drawing the schematic on the right side of the fabric and paying more attention to matching the seams, and taking more pictures on the way so I can write up a tutorial. This was also one of those spontaneous projects that takes hold of you and doesn’t let you rest till it’s done. Got the idea on Monday and picked out fabrics that evening, cut them up on Tuesday, pieced on Wednesday, quilted on  Thursday and added binding and this post on Friday. All this in the evenings after work.

Linking finish it up Friday, 1/26/18 at crazy mom quilts and TGIFF at mmmquilts


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11 thoughts on “Match the Following

  1. Just LOVE this quilt, Vasudha!! And DNA fabric, who knew? Funny, but I immediately went “yeah!” in my mind when you said you loved doing those matching quizzes; I always always looked at the pattern the lines made when I’d finished. 😉 I was a nerd and proud of it. You should write up this pattern; it’s a perfect modern quilt! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!


  2. I meant to add that THIS is exactly what a DREAMi! project is and you described it perfectly: “one of those spontaneous projects that takes hold of you and doesn’t let you rest till it’s done”…Would you please link this up at my DREAMi linky party which is the current post? DRop Everything And Make It! is the DREAMi! acronym!


  3. Very fun little quilt. I loved those quizes, too. 🙂 The pink link makes me laugh – bring back those stump moments when you’re sitting there staring at the choices, thinking, “Where the heck does this go? Did this teacher TRICK us?!”


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