Storied Dresden


The name for my blog – Storied Quilts – was partly inspired by this quilt and the process of designing it.  Every quilt has a story but this quilt came about to tell a story.

The story begins about 6 to 8 years ago. My aunt was volunteering at a charity store in Michigan when a family brought a huge collection of fabric to the store after a loved one, a quilter, passed away suddenly. My aunt and others at the store sorted though the numerous boxes, measured each piece and priced them for sale. My aunt picked a few that remained unsold after a few months and brought it home. When I visited her in the summer of 2013, I brought home two large suitcases of fabric of all kinds and all sizes. A quilter’s dream!

Most of the fabric were florals from the nineties and before. I couldn’t help wonder about the quilter who lovingly collected these pieces. They were fabric cuts of various sizes. Some had parts cut up for an applique. Some were cut into strips and stuffed into a ziploc. I wanted to try and make something she might’ve made but the fabrics were not something I’d buy and florals were simply not my thing at the time.

SomefloralsI posted this pic on my online quilting forum and asked for suggestions. Every suggestion I received would have made a lovely quilt. One of the suggestions was Dresden plate, a very traditional quilt block. It got me thinking and I experimented with Dresden plate blocks in different configurations, using the florals as well as mixing them up with some batiks, solids and some modern prints.

I then experimented with different layouts. Some made the cut and some didn’t. I picked blocks in shades of blue, purple and pink and they seem to go together very well. Eliminated the browns, yellows and greens. I’m so happy how this turned out. It has a very modern flavor with the white background and  the random, irregular placement while most of the fabric and the block itself are quite traditional. Not surprisingly, I gifted this quilt to my aunt, Jaya, who hoarded all that fabric form me.


Background: Kona cotton White

Blocks: Various florals, batik

Size: 72″ X 84″

Beautifully quilted by Geeta Mehta of Fabulous Quilting, Katy TX.